Mark Archer (Altern-8) Bloc 2011 Promo Mix

Mark Archer has uploaded his latest promo mix for Bloc today, done in one take using his preferred format and instruments, the old skool way. This mix is a snap shot of the European techno sounds that were the big hitters back in the day.

Track Listing.

1. Incubus – The Spirit
2. Beltram Vol 2 (Joey Beltram) – My Sound
3. Trigger – Stratosphere
4. X-ES – Roller-Coaster
5. Spectrum – Brasil (Original Mix)
6. B-Sides (Frank De Wulf) – Magic Orchestra
7. Destroyer – Senses (Hooligan Mix)
8. John + Julie feat Auriole – Circles (Vicious Mix)
9. Modular Expansions – Cubes
10. Ravesignal III (C J Bolland) – Horse Power
11. Set Up System – Music And Noise
12. One Tribe – Get Hype
13. Trigger – Wisdom (Uproar Mix)
14. Nitrous – Moonwalk
15. Holy Noise – Get Down Everybody
16. Tech-Noise – I Luv U

Mark Archer Bloc 2011 promo mix by Mark II

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