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Love Ranch Tribute Mix

The Golden age of progressive house can back traced right back to clubs such as Maximus in Leicester square where Sean Mclusky’s and M [...]

Retrospective – The Early Progressive Years

It has been a long time since I have posted anything relating to the early progressive house tracks that emerged in 1991 and continued onwar [...]

Mix Tape Favourites #8 – DJ Mark Wilkinson 1992

Another tape from the dusty shoebox that has followed me around for the last 19 years and survived the failed tape lending scheme, tape tea [...]

Finger Light – Heaven (Bass Mix)

Some Italian Euro house grooves for you today, I picked this up on the Mammagamm E.P on the Disco Magic uk imprint many years ago, the pick [...]

Remake – Blade Runner

One for the progressive house heads, a popular tune with Sasha during 1992, Remake – Blade Runner was released on the Italian label To [...]

April Wayne – Bigger They come, The Harder They Fall

I first came by this song in 1991 on a house mix tape (one I will upload in a day or so), but it was not until about the year 2000 when I ac [...]

The Diceman – Quad

As mentioned before on previous post I was a sucker for the early UK progressive house tunes that were coming out in late 91 and early 92 on [...]

Odds and sods Pt 3

Some odds and sods for you today some classics & unclassics, rare & not so rare C – Concept – Why did you do it Carly Si [...]

Eskimos & Egypt – UK:USA (Cheetham Hill Mix)

Eskimos & Eygpt were a bit of an oddity to me back in the day, I was never a big fan of them. But there was one mix if a tune that came [...]

SAS – Amber Groove

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0_7d0rM_os] Another gem from 1992 to let you in on, you really need to play this on a loud system t [...]
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