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Eskimo Twins – Summer Podcast 2013

  The Eskimo Twins have uploaded a new Summer Podcast to the Eskimo Cloud. A 2hr selection of the heavier side of the dance music that [...]

Recommended Albums – Time & Space Machine, Soft Rocks, Cage and Aviary, Tom Moulton

A few new and newish albums that are hitting the sweetspot on our speakers at La Casa Acid. First up is the latest album “Taste the La [...]

Mix Tape Favourites #6 – Pub Zinema, Ibiza 1989

In 1991 I borrowed this tape of a friend Mark Nelson who lived in the next road to me. At the time this tape seemed very outdated being two [...]

Black Kiss – The Orgasm

Who’s That Beat? was a sub division of Belgian independent label PIAS Play it again Sam that was running between 1988 and 1993. One of [...]

Tim Acid – Old Skool Electro, Techno, Acid and House Mix Live on Pirate Revival

Here is a live recording of a set on Pirate Revival from Feb 2006, as usual unplanned and live on two turntables and a mixer, and one I actu [...]

Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas?

Wow, it has been getting on for two years since I posted the classic acid laced 80′s new beat anthem by Zsa Zsa La Boum, so time to sh [...]

Neon – Sultana (Funky beat Mix)

I have been going through the mammoth task of re-organising the vinyl collection, at these times I can understand the appeal of digital form [...]

Ronan Le Roux – New mix – Paotr Saout – Quatre-Vingt huitard

I have another great mix to share with you from Ronan Le Roux, if you like you the darker side of early acid music then get on this mix. Man [...]

Record Review – Retours D’Acide 87-88

Record Review – Retours D’Acide 87-88 The gods were smiling on me on the last day in May, I was moving all my worldly possession [...]

A Split Second – The Colosseum Crash

A Split Second–The Colosseum Crash (Inside Out Remix) A Split Second–Muscle Machine (12 Inch Mix) Share [...]
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