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Alexander Robotnik – Problemes D’Amour

Alexander Robotniks leftfield disco track from 1983 has been a cult classic for DJs over the years, the electronic guru once said in a inter [...]

Kalidasa – Serie Disko No. 32

  Here is a new Kalidasa mix done for the Disko Selectors Serie Disko podcasts earlier this month. Tracklist 01. Femi Kuti v KCRW ̵ [...]

Love Ranch Tribute Mix

The Golden age of progressive house can back traced right back to clubs such as Maximus in Leicester square where Sean Mclusky’s and M [...]

Eskimo Twins – Summer Podcast 2013

  The Eskimo Twins have uploaded a new Summer Podcast to the Eskimo Cloud. A 2hr selection of the heavier side of the dance music that [...]

Kinfolk Live from Deepsystems Warehouse Party

  Last month in the Sussex Countryside, a Deepsystems warehouse party took place with Brighton based Leftfield night “KinfolkR [...]

Danny Rampling Kiss FM, London, Summer 1988

Recently shared on the Shoom FB group is a recording of a Danny Rampling show on Kiss FM from the Summer of 1988. A Split Second – Che [...]

In Plain Sight

Earlier this year a fledging label from Andy Blake (Dissident, World Unknown) called In Plain Sight hit the shelves, putting some much neede [...]

To The Beat of the Drum

This used to be a regular drop of The Acid House, Tommy Musto’s To The Beat of the Drum from 1986. Tommy Musto was  a huge influence [...]

Leftfield Heavy Electronic Disco III

  Kalidasa’s Psychedelic disco adventures part III for your weekend sir? Part three of the Heavy Electronic Disco series, as usua [...]

Kinfolk, 26th May, The Globe, Brighton

After the success of the launch night, Kinfolk return the The Globe, Brighton for another evening of Leftfield Balearic grooves provided by [...]
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