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Tim Acid – Halloween Mix

With Halloween fast approaching I have had a dig about in the cellar of The Haunted Acid House and found a mix from 2004 that I recorded spe [...]

Mr Nex – Mark II (ex Altern 8) on kunninmindz radio

Live Mix from Mr Nex – Mark II (ex Altern-8) on Kunninmindz radio recorded recently. Late last year due to Legal reasons (from a disgr [...]

Old Skool Hardcore & Breakbeat Part 2

Some more rarities from back in the day… (KICK011) Wishdokta – Banana Sausage Turk – B Side (MEN004) Underkut – Both [...]

Old Skool Legends 1 – Altern-8 – Exclusive DJ Mix

The Acid House Presents “Old Skool Legends”, a new addition to the virtual record box that features exclusive mixes from key Dj& [...]

Razorboy & Mirrorman – Beyond Control / Cutter Mix

This was the first white label I aquired in 1991, I say aquired as my brother actually bought it in Basement Records in Reading. but within [...]

DJ Krome & LTJ Bukem – Sterns, Worthing 1992

Without doubt most ravers on the South Coast and surrounding counties all agree one thing…..Sterns Nightclub in Worthing was by far th [...]
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