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It's gonna Go Bang again in Brighton during the whole month of May

Some may remember from last year I was blogging about a month long Guerilla style (and not men dressed in ape outfits) festival that takes p [...]

Nude @ The Hacienda

I am currently reading “How not to run a nightclub” by Peter Hook, which documents the history of the infamous Hacienda Nightclu [...]

Baby let me love you for tonight

Kariya’s Baby Let me love you for tonight was one of the biggest anthems back in 89 and can still get a reaction on the dancefloor at [...]

Chicago Legends – Mickey Oliver

Born in the shadow of the steel mills on the South Side of Chicago, Mickey Mixin’ Oliver was destined to help bring the underground so [...]

The Minute Men – All My Friends

At last I managed to succesfully get a copy of this record, after the inital attempt getting lost in the post. So arrived yesterday morning [...]

Jamie Principle – Your Love – Persona Records 1986

In 1986 Jamie Principle unleashed “Your Love”, however it was not until the late 80′s particulary when Frankie Knuckles re [...]

Soulful Acid House

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfUJqLyq_wA] This is one of those tracks I am patiently waiting to turn up on my record digs, an abs [...]

The Art of Acid – (re-edits)

Last year the Most Excellent Justin Robertson (see what I did there…clever eh), released a double CD called The Art of Acid. The secon [...]

Tim Rivers – Balearic Juke Box – Club Classics Pride Guest Mix (remake)

Less than two weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity of playing at a club classics night hosted by the Balearic Brothers on Pride Weekend i [...]

Strictly Rhythm

Think soul, think Motown. Think blues, think Chess Records. Think jazz, think Blue Note. Think house, think Strictly Rhythm. House labels co [...]
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