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Brightons Balearic Skirmish – Looking out of the fishbowl

The sun has been shining  these last few days on the Costa del Brighton, the first signs of spring brings the warm prospect of soon to be la [...]

Wish the Sun

I am looking out of my window at the grey tinted sky, with water drops falling on the sill producing natural rhythamtic patterns of sound, w [...]

Safe to Dance

A bit of 80′s Synth re-edit action today of an old tune I used to love back in the early 80′s,  these days maybe considered a gu [...]

Neon – Sultana (Funky beat Mix)

I have been going through the mammoth task of re-organising the vinyl collection, at these times I can understand the appeal of digital form [...]

Belo E Sambar

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7cIqktCtL4] At the weekend Love Internationals – Dance on the Groove and do the funk decided [...]

Belouis Some – Imagination

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elzzlgcfNgw] Time to dig the 80′s crate again and resurface some Balearic gems. The Belouis So [...]

The Globe – The Disco Fuelled Brighton Boozer

So remeber last year when I was letting you all in on one of Brighton’s best kept underground secrets The GoBang Brighton festival, a [...]

Guilty Pleasures

We all have musical guilty pleasures in life, those songs or tracks that you know you should not really like, but you just love them. I post [...]

Meditating on floating clouds

Modest, quiet, bad with self-promotion and with answering the phone, composer and multi instrumentalist (he’s one of the best on guita [...]

A Tribute to Alfredo Part 4 – Mixed by Nathan Davis

The Acid House would like to present the forth in a series of Tribute mixes to DJ Alfredo, painstakingly mixed by Nathan Davis. For those wh [...]
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