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The Chi Lites – Hard Act to Follow (House Mix) 1985

Digging through the shelves yesterday at Maison Du Acid I happened upon a house version of “Hard Act to Follow” by  Chicago Funk [...]

It's gonna Go Bang again in Brighton during the whole month of May

Some may remember from last year I was blogging about a month long Guerilla style (and not men dressed in ape outfits) festival that takes p [...]

Safe to Dance

A bit of 80′s Synth re-edit action today of an old tune I used to love back in the early 80′s,  these days maybe considered a gu [...]

Belouis Some – Imagination

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elzzlgcfNgw] Time to dig the 80′s crate again and resurface some Balearic gems. The Belouis So [...]


In the mid nineties hand bag house was the popular sound in the more commercial clubs and dance music charts in the uk, examples of such art [...]

Guilty Pleasures

We all have musical guilty pleasures in life, those songs or tracks that you know you should not really like, but you just love them. I post [...]

Meditating on floating clouds

Modest, quiet, bad with self-promotion and with answering the phone, composer and multi instrumentalist (he’s one of the best on guita [...]

Warm Sounds – Live Show 24th November 2009

Here is a recording of The Warm Sounds Live show on Pirate Revival net radio from Tuesday evening, 2hrs of randomly selecting tunes and putt [...]

Tim Rivers – Balearic Juke Box – Club Classics Pride Guest Mix (remake)

Less than two weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity of playing at a club classics night hosted by the Balearic Brothers on Pride Weekend i [...]

28th Street Crew – I Need a Rhythm

I was listening to this album recently and thought I would share this with you, many of you will recognise the title track as a classic hous [...]
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