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Red Bull Music Academy – Andrew Weatherall

Lecture: Andrew Weatherall (Madrid 2011) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo. Just been listening to this red bull music academy interview [...]

Rock to the beat

  Great video clip from Detroit’s New Dance Show, 1987 Share [...]

Amnesia October 31st 1989 Closing Party – Video from Test Pressing

Amnesia 1989 (Part One) from Apiento on Vimeo. Just been on the wonderful Testpressing site and found this video, thought I would re-blog it [...]

How Vinyl Records are made

[youtube=] At TiED we have a love of Vinyl Records, want to know h [...]

1st UK DJ to mix on UK National Television – Greg Wilson on The Tube

[youtube=] Inspirational… Share [...]

Snatch Vs Star Wars

[youtube=] Ok a bit of topic…but this is awesome, some real clever editing…absolutely [...]

Trainspotter Quiz – Question 1 Trainspotter Quiz – Question 1 Above is a link to a video of The Human League’s track [...]

Acid of the Day #2

[youtube=] Share [...]

Acid of the Day #1

[youtube=]   Share [...]

Vinyl vs CD …The experiment to find out which one sounds better.

[youtube=] Share [...]
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