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Chicago – Street Player ………The Bomb

[youtube=] In the Mid 90′s The Bucketheads released into clubland a monster record  called T [...]

Old Skool Legends 1 – Altern-8 – Exclusive DJ Mix

The Acid House Presents “Old Skool Legends”, a new addition to the virtual record box that features exclusive mixes from key Dj& [...]

Snatch Vs Star Wars

[youtube=] Ok a bit of topic…but this is awesome, some real clever editing…absolutely [...]

PYMCA Gallery Presents "Unordinary People" British Youth Culture – 21st April – 24th May 2009 – Royal...

A raving girl at The Trip @ Astoria, London 1988  – PYMCA This is one of those events you really should not miss….a rare opportu [...]

Peak Time Acid House – Acid Delay Filter 1

Many thanks to Neil from Sydney sending in this 30 min Acid House Mix to tweak your ears to the sounds of the 303 basslines. Download Via Zs [...]

Party Like It's 1989

Special thanks to Chris from The Music Saved My Life for sending me in this mix. A superb selection of Chris’ favourite tunes from the [...]

Don't Mess With This Beat

In late 1991 UK hardcore breakbeat artist 2 Bad Mice released Hold it down E.P on Moving Shadow Records. The main anthem on the release was [...]

It's all about to Go Bang!

I want to draw your attention to a Free Micro Music Festival that is happening in Brighton during the month of May 2009. Coming to Brighton [...]

Beat mining with the Vinyl Hoover

One for you beat miners out there, an interesting broadcast on crate digging. [...]

Progressive House – G7 – Sedubbed – 1992

During late 1991 the progressive house scene was emerging in the UK and by 1992 was rapidly growing into the forefront of underground house [...]
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