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Primal Scream 2013 – Andrew Weatherall Dub Remix

Primal Scream have a new album due out in May called “More Light”, with Weatherall back at the controls for remix for their new [...]

Peaking Lights – Beautiful Son (Eskimo twins Remix)

  Not sure how I did not spot this sooner, the always excellent Eskimo Twins have done an excellent remix of Peaking Lights “Beau [...]


  Here is a small selection of tracks mainly from the 70′s that has been put together for a friend. Sometimes we can have preconc [...]

7inch Charity Shop Pop

Some DJs look down their nose at Charity Shop digging, here at Warm Sound it is a just bit of fun, mainly you will be sifting through piles [...]

Tusk Mix for The Acid House

The man behind Tusk Wax, Horn Wax & Porn Wax, drops by with a lovely exclusive selection of music for all you Acid Folk. The Tusk Wax im [...]

Idjut Boys – Going Down (Taken from the Cellar Door album)

  The Acid House likes to follow certain labels such as the wonderfully formed Smalltown Supersound, it has the prefect blend of both d [...]

Death Metal Disco Club Podcast #2 – Kalidasa

The fine folk at Death Metal Disco Club in The Netherlands approached me to do a podcast for their newly launched radio show, and of course [...]

H-Street – Shackle Me Not (Soundtrack)

Having recently been asked a question about where my influences in music come from, I had to regress to a time of my youth in the 1980′ [...]

Leo Mas – Amnesia (Ibiza) Summer 1987 The Dark Side – Irreverent Mix

This mix from leo Mas has been on repeat on car journey since it went up on Soundcloud.  A reflection of the sounds from 1987 that were pla [...]

Classic Piano House – Live – Davos T Funk

This video of Davos T put a smile on my face, many years ago I had a conversation with a friend about learning how to play the piano, so in [...]
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