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Another piece of hard acid house called “Machines” that was released on US label House Nation Records in 1988 by Laurent X (Mark [...]

Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas?

Wow, it has been getting on for two years since I posted the classic acid laced 80′s new beat anthem by Zsa Zsa La Boum, so time to sh [...]

DJ Spice – Fantasy FM 1990

Thanks again to the Woodman for uploading another Fantasy FM tape from 1990, this time we have Pirate Radio action from DJ Spice. DJ Spice & [...]

Ellis Dee – Acid Rain

Ok so I just found out that Ellis Dee who released acid and garage tunes in late 80′s was not the same Ellis Dee who was a heavy hitte [...]

Eskimos & Egypt – UK:USA (Cheetham Hill Mix)

Eskimos & Eygpt were a bit of an oddity to me back in the day, I was never a big fan of them. But there was one mix if a tune that came [...]

Kool Rock Steady – I'll Make You Dance

A lesser known B-Side from the legendary Acid House Label Trax recordings from Chicago I thought I would share with you today. According to [...]

Soulful Acid House

[youtube=] This is one of those tracks I am patiently waiting to turn up on my record digs, an abs [...]

The Art of Acid – (re-edits)

Last year the Most Excellent Justin Robertson (see what I did there…clever eh), released a double CD called The Art of Acid. The secon [...]

Tim Rivers – Balearic Juke Box – Club Classics Pride Guest Mix (remake)

Less than two weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity of playing at a club classics night hosted by the Balearic Brothers on Pride Weekend i [...]

Remedy Mix

Here’s my set from last weeks outing at Remedy, Kingston .. Remedy is monthly a soulful and classic house night run by DJ Mark Paul an [...]
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