The Olympics Opening – Never knowingly exceeding 122bpm

I am not pro or against the Olympics, in-fact up until Friday the only thought I would give it was how bad is the traffic going to be in London during the games, and is it going to inconvenience me. And then it did dawn on me last week that this may not come around again in the UK in my lifetime, so I thought I’d best catch some of the opening Ceremony. It was a pure delight on Friday evening when I got in and switched the brainwash box on at 9pm to find out that Danny Boyle was behind the creation of the Ceremony with Underworld doing the music score for the evening. It was a stunning and beautiful event and captured our arts and culture perfectly, visually stunning, and audibly pleasing (with the exception of Macca). If anyone else was curating this, it could have gone horribly different, but with Danny Boyle and Underworld in the driving seat it kept me fully entertained until the end. I could not believe what I was hearing when the atheletes were entering the stadium and a melodic version of Underworld – Rez remixed by High Contrast was being played, massive smiles all round and especially on my face, what followed was like listening to a Balearic DJ set that was chugging along between 100-122bpm with plenty of atmospheric electronic delights, it was superb. I would have loved it to have ended on Pink Floyd, and I am guessing that is where Danny and Underworld would have ended it, but I have a sneaky feeling the Paul MacCartney booking was forced upon them to schedule into the ceremony and they had no control over this part. I cannot believe that people are saying there was no better way to end it than with Paul McCartney, seriously people, did you not have your ears on that night, it was anĀ embarrassment, he come in or the band came in at the wrong time and exposed there was a backing track being played and Macca was badly out of time, it seemed they then turned off the backing track and exposed out of tune voice, as one friend said “this is getting drunken uncle at a wedding”. Thankfully what went before was so superb that Macca’s performance did not change my mind on what I think was a great statement to the world that Great Britain is an amazingly creative country, and have put on a display of British culture like non other, brilliant stuff.

Good news is the soundtrack will be available to buy, however looking at the track list some good tunes have had to be chopped out to make it fit on 2 CDs.

More info here.



  • seb
    31/07/2012 - 20:56 | Permalink

    great !

  • 15/08/2012 - 15:55 | Permalink

    Totally agree with all that. :-)

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