Larry Jefferson – Journey

 It maybe a surprise to the new generation that there once upon a time was a strong association between the biro pen and the c90 cassette, I’ll leave you to figure that out though. It is quite fitting that this analogue production from artist Larry Jefferson is released on cassette format, the music itself is a collection of works that have spanned the last twenty years and have been packaged together on a 45 min cassette recorded in Dolby B and presented in a simple but aesetically pleasing grey / silver card inlay with a red/pink backing on the cassette holder. The content is equally as endearing, a collection of nicely produced music that makes for interesting listening, you get melodic rhythms, ambient drones, catchy 303 grooves, hypnotic, emotive and from the leftfield.  The cassette can be purchased in the UK from indy music supplier & in the US from you also get a free download code with the purchase, so for those of you whose Walkmans have packed up, you can still use newer technologies to listen to the album while on the bus.

Have a listen here

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