Recommended Albums – Time & Space Machine, Soft Rocks, Cage and Aviary, Tom Moulton

A few new and newish albums that are hitting the sweetspot on our speakers at La Casa Acid.

First up is the latest album “Taste the Lazers” from The Time & Space Machine on Tirk, Richard Norris fine production skills are prominent in this psychedelic infused soundscape. wonderfully retrospectively experimental with hints of Krautrock and 60s Psych, a clean breath of fresh from most of the regular mundane house music that is currently being produced by the new kids on the block. The release is available on CD and Vinyl, if you like this then check the previous album Set Phazers to Stun which is equally good.

Second up is The Curse of Soft Rocks, from the mysterious bearded bunch who reside on the South Coast. Released on ESP in November last year, The Curse of Soft Rocks is an incredible Kalidescape of sounds that have world wide influences, wonderfully warm vocals from Kathy Diamond and plenty of exotic charm makes this release an essential listen. This is only available on CD format, however for the vinyl junkies keep your eye on updates from ESP as there are some vinyl release with excellent remixes, Tiagos remix of Obo and Justin Vendervolgens awesome piano led remix of Talking Jungle has just hit the shops. Also there will be a remix CD, The Revenge of Soft Rocks, available very soon.

Next up is the heavy analogue sounds of Cage & Avairy’s album “Migration”, a big synthesised throbbing work out with hints of 80′s New Beat and Acid house and funk driven disco beats. A brilliant debut album from the London duo released on Prins Thomas “Internasjonal” label, highly recommended, available on CD and Vinyl 

And last but no means least is the excellent 4 x CD compilation of Tom Moulton Remixes of Philadelphia International Classics. This is essential listening for any disco or Tom Moulton’s fan, the tracks are available across four CDs in all their extended 12″ glory. While some of the tracks do lean towards the more joyfully safe side of the soulful spectrum, there are also some hard get down grooves that just get you by the nuts, particularly Peoples Choice “Jam, Jam, Jam” that gets its original 3min Jam extended to over 7 mins of groove.

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