TiED 012 – TiED Down by Mick Pluto

We head to the North West of England for TiED 012 to catch up with Mick Pluto, a self confessed music obsessive, record collector and DJ who held residencies at Deep & Devastating in the early 90′s and Voodoo in the mid to late 90′s. During Early 00′s Mick started the nostaligic night Hazy Days, that quickly gained legendary status. We cannot thank Mick enough for this TiED selection, that gives a portal  into his heavily electronic influenced journey.

Here’s a selection of tunes I put together, which many of them are influences that got me listening to house and techno in the mid to late 80′s.
I’ve been collecting vinyl and “acquiring” records from my older brothers and sister since the late 70′s. A mix of prog rock, soul, Motown, Northern Soul and punk. I remember going to my older cousins house and spotted the 12″ of Kraftewerk – Showroom Dummies. After playing it on his deck/cabinet and playing it again and again I became hooked on electronic music and obsessed with synthesisers and this probably shows a bit in this mix. Well I say mix, more fading and records ending, with a couple of mixed records. The tune Foreal People – Love Begins With You, I found in a second hand record shop recently. I had never heard it before which just goes to show there are some great old tunes out there if you dig hard enough.

Hope you enjoy it.

1.Dexter Wansel – Solutions
2. Peter Gabriel – Intruder
3. Jellybean – Was a dog a doughnut
4. Dynamic Breakers – Dynamic(Total control dub)
5. Junie Morrison – Techno Freqs
6. Kid Creole & the Coconuts – Stool Pidgeon
7. Orlando Johnson & Trance – Turn the music on
8. Heaven 17 – Let me go
9. The Human League – The dignity of labour(pt 3)
10. Sly & Robbie – Move a little more
11. Foreal People – Love begins with you
12. Paul Hardcastle – King Tut
13. Selway – Pozition
14. Harry Thumann – Underwater
15. Cybotron – Techno City(InstrGeeumental)
16. kraftwerk – Showroom dummies
17. Visage – Frequency 7(dance mix)
18. Spoonie Gee – The godfather
19. Lenny Williams – You got me running


TiED Down by Mick Pluto- TiED 012

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