TiED 011 – TiED Down by Gordon Kaye

It has been a fair few months since the last TiED selection, so we knew if we are going to get the wheels of TiED in motion again, it is going to have to be something special. Cue Gordon Kaye, a pioneering DJ on Brighton’s Indie scene in the mid 80′s pushing the boundaries with his legendary “The sunshine playroom” night at The Escape, which led Gordon on the path to indie dance and acid house by the end of the 80s. Gordon took his sound nationally in the early 90′s regulary playing nights such as Venus, Up your Ronson, Back to Basics, and then globally by the mid 90′s touring  as far afield as Australia. So it is an absolute privelidge to kick start the 2012 season of TiED with a personal selection from Gordon Kaye, with what is our most exciting TiED selection to date.

TiED Down by Gordon Kaye – TiED 011

Track list and comments by Gordon Kaye on TiED 011

01. BERNTHOLER – “My Suitor”

One of the most beautiful and melancholy songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Berntholer were from Brussels and Drita’s voice is amazing. This came out in late 1983 and I heard it first on John Peel’s show. I picked up the 7″ straight away, but a friend got the 12″, which is sublime! I’m still on the lookout for a copy with its elongated instrumental ending.

02. THROBBING GRISTLE – “Walkabout”

“20 Jazz Funk Greats” is a stark, uncompromising album. It has one of the most misleading titles …and artworks for that matter! It features the band perched high on the cliffs at one of the South Coast’s most infamous suicide spots, Beachy Head.  TG are predominantly known for their industrial, stark sound, but “Walkabout” is brimming with melody. Add this to the fact that the band built their own instruments and you have a unique sound. I worked with Genesis P. Orridge at the end of the eighties…Now there’s someone with a few stories, I can tell you! He produced a single for a band I managed at the time. EVER were signed to Midnight Music at the same time as Psychic TV.

03. Y.B.U. -  “Soul Magic” (Extended Mix)

I never tire this downtempo track. I’ve got the Italian import on Flying, but Mark Moore snapped it up for a UK release on his Splish label. Its deep with rolling funky beats and guitar licks and has an immense, hypnotic feel created by the deep chords and breathy female vocal touches.


Its fair to say all the records in my TiED blend made a pretty big first impression on me. None more than this. When it appeared in 1979, I was age 11 and mainly listening to Punk and Post Punk stuff..This stood out. I loved the fresh electronic edge…vocoder backing vocals, bright plinky chords, synth pads and drum machine, but it was the punky vocal delivery that lured me in.

05. NEW ORDER – “Ruined In A Day”

I love Joy Division and New Order, but 1993′s “Ruined In A Day” isn’t their best by a long stretch. I could easily have included “Bizarre Love Triangle”, Age Of Consent”, “Ceremony” or “Everything’s Gone Green”. This unreleased dub from K-Klass is a gem, though. Its soaked in true Balearic spirit and more fitting for this compilation.

06. ELECTRALANE – “I Only Always Think”

The most recent track in my TiED selection. I have to confess, I’ve discovered Electralane very late…I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! I love this predominantly instrumental track. It has a killer modern Psychedelic feel…really uplifting.

07. BIG STAR – “September Gurls”

From the newest song included, to the oldest in this selection. More than any other, this chiming guitar-led Alex Chilton-penned track from Big Star’s second album, “Radio City” in 1974 reminds me of the good times during my first venture into promoting and DJing at club nights. I started “The Sunshine Playroom” in the Summer of 1985 at The Brighton Belle, but after only four weeks it was clear we needed a bigger venue, which we found in The Escape Club. It became the longest running alternative club night on the South Coast, eventually ending in 1991…Not bad for a weekly Wednesday nighter! The club embraced guitar music de jour; The Jesus and Marychain, Pixies and The Smiths, but we broke obscure records too, like The Chefs – “Sweetie” and The Died Pretty “Out Of The Unknown”. We also played Post Punk from Josef K, Gang Of Four and Girls At Our Best and New Order, Public Enemy, Motown and a fat dollop of Psychedelia. Bobby Gillespie and Alan McGee were regular visitors and I’ll never forget the week Bobby came armed with a test pressing of Weatherall’s mix of “Loaded”!

08. MIDLAKE – “Roscoe” (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation)

Another beautiful song and another splendid BTWS remix. That’s it!

09. THE VISION – “Laidback & Groovy”

The title of this Nu Groove release says it all. Okay, so picking house tracks for an afterhours collection is a difficult task, but I think this less obvious choice captures the mood perfectly. Subtle pianos, rolling bass, infectious percussion and a great whistle hook.

10. THE ORCHIDS – “Life Is Science”

Major Force B-Boy action from the Mo Wax box set.

11. THE WALKER BROTHERS – “Nite Flights”

Title track from the final Walker Brothers album in 1978. The strings and E bow guitar are utterly sublime on this Scott Walker composition. Touches of “Heroes” anyone?

12. SUICIDE – “Dream Baby Dream”

Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude realised with machines. My favouite Vega & Rev moment.

13. HOWARD DEVOTO – “Rainforest (Variation N16)”

Magazine made a big impact on me…They were much deeper than Punk, adding elements of progressive rock and more theatrical elements. This solo outing from their singer is the B-side of the 12″ of “Rainy Season”; an instrument dub version. Wonderful!

14. PSYCHEDELIC FURS – Heartbeat (Mendlesohn Long Mix)

I’ve always been a huge Psychedelic furs nut! I saw them about 8 times live…always amazing performances. This Julian Mendlesohn remix from 1984 is brillliant. It captures the the band and transports them to a futuristic disco where spikey guitars meet arpeggio synths…Take me there!

15. DAVID BOWIE – “Paul’s Theme (Jogging Chase)”

Okay..This is pure Moroder; The flipside of Bowie’s “Cat People” 12 inch from 1982.     Still sound phenomenal, doesn’t it?

TiED Down by Gordon Kaye – TiED 011 


  • 02/03/2012 - 20:09 | Permalink

    I just love the Album. In particular the first track. It’s right up my street. Big fan of Soko so…..

  • elric
    15/03/2012 - 23:42 | Permalink

    this is superb,that first track i aint heard since xmas 83,on john peel,the rest of the music here is pure gold,for an ageing balearicpunk like my self.brilliant.

  • 20/08/2012 - 21:04 | Permalink

    Such a good collection of music, loving my suitor. Many thanks

  • 07/11/2012 - 17:36 | Permalink

    gr8 2 hear most of these tracks, reminds me of John Peel

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