Balearic Music: A Tribute to Alfredo Part 7 – By Nathan Davis

Another great selection from our Balearic Aficionado Nathan Davis, delivering part 7 of the “A Tribute to Alfredo” series, some of his other mixes can be found on the blog here, all of them are well worth the time to have a listen.

Track Listing

Smith and Mudd – Shulme (lexx remix) (2008)

Tribute – We Love Leon (2009)

Talk Talk – Life’s what you make it (Nick davie no fx mix) (2010)

Chuck Norris – All that she wants (2010)

Mick Jagger – Sweet Thing (dub) (1992)

The Clash – Return to Brixton (sw2 dub) (1990)

Norman Cook – The invasion of the estate agents (1989)

BBG – Some kind of heaven (salvation mix) (1991)

Nacho Sotomayor – Last summer (1999)

Boys Wonder – Keep it up (steve proctor remix)(1990)

If? – If (Kill Wagner mix) (1991)

Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the wall (DJ Agent 86 Remix) (2010)

Lemon Jelly – Oats (2003)

Art of noise – Art of Love (Extended Mix) (1990)

Bocca Juniors – Raise (BPS Korova Edit) (2010)

Leftfield – More than I know (12 mix)

De La Soul – Eye Know (Daisy Bass Mix) (1989)

Nathan Davis – A Tribute to Alfredo Part 7


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