TiED 10

A man goes out Saturday morning to get his car put through the MOT, he returns home soon after, puts the keys on the table, followed by a large box containing an undisclosed number of 45s, his wife looks at him slightly perplexed and asked “Has the garage started to sell records now?”. Little does she know of the cunning antics of the vinyl addict, whom on return from the garage, slightly agitated by the failure of the MOT decided to stop enroute for a sneaky fix. In a haste to get back home and not enough time to dig thoroughly through the dusty box, there was only one other option, he had to buy the whole box. Later that day he flicks through the crate, the smell of decades worth of dust, worn out paper and plastic handled by many a human being, engulfed him, the smell raced up his nostrils and released the dopamine into his system, thumbing past the 80s and 70’s pop the adrenaline now starts to flow as he continues digging, searching out the b-sides and obscurities that were more palatable than Wham and Cliff Richards that now littered the floor. Of course there was no real rare gems in there, that was not what this was about, it was all about relieving those pangs for the black stuff. That evening after hand picking a few tracks that fitted his acquired taste, he set about playing the records one after the other, and here it is for you to listen too, just as he did.

1. Midge Ure & Mick Karn – Textures (1983)
2. Grace Jones – Private Life (1980)
3. Judge Dread – Look a pussy
4. Agent – Hold Your Head Up (1972)
5. Flying Lizzards – Money B (1979)
6. Earth wind & fire – Sunrise (1976)
7. Fleetwood Mac – Tusk(1979)
8. Love Unlimted Orchestra – Sweet Moments (1973)
9. Fern Kinney – Baby Let me love you (1979)
10. Santana – Incedent at Neshabur (1970)
11. The Fatback – Bust Stop (1975)
12. K C & The Sunshine Band – Do it good
13. The Captain & Tennille – Broddy Bounce
14. That Petrol Emotion – Dance (1987)
15. Thrashing Doves – She Do me (1989)#
16. Ken Broothe – Drum Song (1974)
17. Gregory – Pure Rumours (1988)
18. The Fatback – She so fine (1983)
19. War – Bootle in the bog
20. Fox – S-s-s-single bed
21. Intimate Strangers – My Brilliant Career (1986)
22. Frazier Chorus – Typical
23. America – Sandman
24. War – Cisco Kid (1976)
25. Midge Ure – Mood Music
26. America – Horse with no name

Download – TiED 010 

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