Monthly Archives: July 2011

Jean Shin – Soundwave

Having always had an obbsessive  love affair with vinyl records since a child and one that continues to dominate my life, has recently led [...]

TiED 10

A man goes out Saturday morning to get his car put through the MOT, he returns home soon after, puts the keys on the table, followed by a la [...]

The Essential Mediterranean DanceTrax Sueno Latino

Good Evening and welcome to programme number one in a series entitled “The events as I see them, it may be different for you, and anyway w [...]


An unusual week at The Acid House has just passed, at somepoint last weekend some dodgy code was injected into the site through a plugin and [...]

Balearic Music – Finca am – Electronica Balear Vol 1

So the season of Ibizan chillout compilations is upon us once again, and we set sail to navigate through the crowded sea of musical mediocri [...]
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