Album of the Month – Gatto Fritto – Gatto Fritto – International Feel

Gatto Fritto is an artist who has quite literally inspired The Acid House. Having first heard the track “Hungry Ghost” on a leftfield compilation called “Milky Disco 2″ a couple of years ago led The Acid House to investment in a bass guitar and some percussion instruments, as well opening up the case of the electric guitar that has been closed for many years and to start recording some sounds, we just have not quite mastered the art of finishing of a track yet.

A recent purchase was Gatto Fritto’s debut album released on the much loved International Feel label, and a true gem of a release it is. A beautiful exploration of synthesis and electronic soundwaves that creates a compelling, hypnotic and interesting listen, and deserves a worthy space in your music collection, go and buy it, it’s good.

Listen to the clips

Gatto Fritto – Album Samples. Release Date 18th April 2011. by International Feel

Gatto Fritto – Gatto Fritto (Vinyl)

Gatto Fritto – Gatto Fritto (Digital/Wav)

Also worth checking are his other releases here

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  • jg
    26/06/2011 - 05:02 | Permalink

    this record is a serious banger.

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