Yuki Suzuki – We Don’t Have much time

We now live in a world where music is now so accessible that the choice of dance music can be quite overwhelming. On the flipside to that in many cases the output can be underwhelming, and more time is spent looking for that particular sound, and just at the point you are going to throw in the towel it hits you straight in the ear canal, and you know you have stumbled upon something quite special.

Yuki Suzuki’s latest song “We Don’t Have much time” to be released on Jansen Jardin Music has got my ears truly tingling with the strings, piano, pitched down groove and her wonderful voice, a timeless piece of music. But I am left with a dilemma of which track to play, as flip the track over and you will find Neville Watson has produced the most incredible remix of this track, raising the tempo, and dubbed out, blissed out to another  level.

Yuki Suzuki “We don’t have much time” will be out in the shops around the 6th June, ltd to 300 pressings, my only advise is not to sleep on this, as this will sell out.


Yuki Suzuki – We Don’t Have Much Time (Original Mix) by Jansen Jardin

Yuki Suzuki – We Don’t Have Much Time (Neville Watson Remix) by Jansen Jardin


  • thedastardlydarktrain
    22/05/2011 - 16:40 | Permalink

    its a close run thing like you say they are both nice but the original for me just edges it.!

  • Mark
    25/05/2011 - 14:27 | Permalink

    both are winners ….excellent music

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