If I were a Balearic DJ I’d be playing tunes like these .. Official Mix 005

To coincide with the recent re-uploads of the Balearic selections by DJ Nova. The man that can has just dropped his latest mix into my inbox, many tracks in this selection I have not heard before, but all capture that sun soaked vibe. You are in for a real treat, Enjoy.

Official Mix 005:

01. Art Of Noise – Opus For Four 1987

02. Tears For Fears Listen 1985

03. Al Di Meola – African Night 1983

04. Cesar Camargo Mariano – Avenida Paulista 1980

05. Santana Aqua Marine 1979

06. Antena – Seaside Weekend 1986

07. Marvin Gaye – After The Dance (Instrumental) 1976

08. Herb Albert – Rotation (12) 1979

09. Tony Esposito – Danza Dell’Acqua 1982

10. Odyssey – Who 1974

11. Double – Naningo 1983

12. Yello – Blue Green 1980

13. Joan Bibiloni – Bajo El Azul

If I were a Balearic DJ, I\’d be playing tunes like these Mix 005

April 2011 Nova Balearica SuNTouch Production By Dj Nova

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  • 03/08/2011 - 16:48 | Permalink

    I have a book of my years 89-2001 in Ibiza, could i post with your Ibiza mixes as they capture the real essence of IBIZA.???????

    • 04/08/2011 - 06:15 | Permalink

      sure no problem…as long as you reference the source where you got them from, thats all I ask…. have you a link to the book?

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