Monthly Archives: April 2011

Alphabet City

A Mancunian who hit the shores of Brighton’s some years back has grown into one of the South Coasts latest shining star. Over the last [...]

Sultans of Swing (Rayko Balearic Edit)

Spanish edit factory Rayko reworked Dire Straits Sultan of Swing a few years ago, he recently put this up as a free download, so I thought I [...]

Brighton Street Artist – Cassette Lord

If you wander around the streets of Brighton you may have noticed the green telephone termination boxes have been given a much needed face l [...]

If I were a Balearic DJ, I’d be playing tunes like these ! – Re-Uploaded

  A couple of years back I started posting a mix series by DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece), most of the sendspace links have died, and there [...]

Neville Watson – Hour House is Your Rush – Mix for Roof FM

An artist I picked up on last year was Neville Watson, a man with his finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to delivering the sublime in [...]

Lunch Break Mini Mix #3

Lunch break mini mix #3 is ready for your midday consumption. On the menu today we have a 30 min snack made up of a healthy selection of tra [...]

Real House Music

For the last year or so I have seen and heard more and more the use of  description, label or way of identify something as “Real House [...]

Beach Buggy

Blue Monday by New Order is just one of those tunes that never goes away, it seems to be remixed, re-edited, rehashed every year in some for [...]

Tuesdays Mondays

Here is the club version of the Mondays pop hit Hallelujah remixed by Andrew Weatherall & Paul Oakenfold, with the flip side Rave on rem [...]

Sundays Mondays

Now the Mondays were a band I wish I paid more attention to back in the late 80′s, early 90′s. I avoided the whole Madchester in [...]
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