Chicago Acid House – Trax Records – Remastered – Re-Released

Today is a good day for collectors of original Chicago House and Acid House music, well for new collectors at least. Trax Records have re-released a huge back catalogue of trax on digital Download. For anyone who owns original pressings will only know to well of the dubious sound quality, crackly, thin sound, poorly pressed vinyl etc etc. For me this is a welcomed re-release, to now be able to get some of these old Acid House gems that have been remastered. Up until now anyone who uses digital formats have either had to rip their records, buy a compilation CD that had limited tunes on, or download dubious quality vinyl rips from the tinterweb. I guess one downside is it leaves many of these tunes exposed to a plethora of re-edits, while the DJH boys have done a good job on their release, I hope this movement will be done in moderation and that house music in general does not go down the same route as disco re-edits, in most cases their is no need to touch these.

Preview Trax Digital Releases


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  • Peter
    07/02/2011 - 19:50 | Permalink

    I hear ya brother. We do not need to hear some of these classics butchered. Leave em alone!! Gonna pick up a few right now.

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