Monthly Archives: February 2011

Remeberance Sunday Mix

Today has been spent mostly laying horizontal on the couch listening to some laid back Balearic vibes from Coyote, Mudd, Quiet Village and S [...]

Mix Tape Favourites #7 – Smart Boys 101.2 FM

My Seventh tape in the Mix tape favourites is a Pirate Radio Recording from Smart Boys FM. The transmitter did not reach our neck of the woo [...]

The Teacher – Can’t Step Twice

    This track appeared on Nathan Davis Tribute to Alfredo Pt 6 Mix last year, shortly afterwards I recieved an email from the art [...]

Kevin Saunderson’s The Sound – Ripped off by Italian producers Supernova

I thought I would post this in support of a true techno legend Kevin Saunderson, who quite rightly is a tad pissed off with some Italian pro [...]

Trax Records – Article by Max Renn

After reading the recent comments left about the Trax Re-Edit compilation, I looked up some articles written about the Trax label, and found [...]

Mix Tape Favourites #6 – Pub Zinema, Ibiza 1989

In 1991 I borrowed this tape of a friend Mark Nelson who lived in the next road to me. At the time this tape seemed very outdated being two [...]

Too Blind To See It: Discovering The Roots Of House Music

Just been reading this excellent article by David Lubich, well worth a read. In 1993 I was commissioned to write a piece that had been on my [...]

Mark Archer (Altern-8) Bloc 2011 Promo Mix

Mark Archer has uploaded his latest promo mix for Bloc today, done in one take using his preferred format and instruments, the old skool way [...]

The Shamen – Synergy live on Colin Favor, Kiss 100 FM 1991

I was only having a chat with a good friend last week about The Shamen, a group that I really did not get into back in the day, I just never [...]

100hz – Catching Spiders

This is another record that is a conduit to a time and place, specifically the bedroom of my Mums house where I would listen to my freshly e [...]
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