Hardfloor – Two Guys, Three Boxes

It was 18 years ago when Hardfloor broke onto the scene with the amazing “Acperience” EP on Sven Vaeth’s Harthouse label. To me it almost seems like yesterday when I first heard their sound, and listening to their latest album “Two Guys Three Boxes” they clearly have not lost their touch. 18 Years on, Hardfloor’s sound is still uniquely identifiable, and has kept firmly grounded by their acid roots. The new album is full of squelchy grooves that you can fully emerse yourself in and all kept within a comfortable tempo. If you are a fan of Hardfloor then this album is a must, for new commers to the Hardfloor sound this is a great starting point to discover true masters of the Acid Techno sound.


1.Two Guys Three Boxes 7:52

2.One Flew Over The Silverbox 6:58

3.Mesmerizing Liquids 7:15

4.4th Dimension of the 5th Ward 6:06

5.Silver Submarine 6:57

6. In Acid We Trust 8:16

7. F.U.B.A.R 5:52

8.You Know The Score 6:23

9.TB Or Not TB 6:46

10.The Return Of The Analog Multichrist 8:45

11.Heavy On Wire (CD Bonus Track) 7:37

More info:

On “Two Guys, Three Boxes”, their eights full length album, Hardfloor are precisely true to the form they invented and perfected. These two guys with three little silver boxes pump out swirls of symphonically intertwined yet soulful and funky acid riffs, riding on a wave of throbbingly catchy basslines, all held together by the glue of solid house beats. Are there drum rolls and long build ups? You bet! Like they’ve always done; like no-one else can.

Two Guys, Three Boxes will thrill Hardfloor fans, recent or long-term, and interest a new generation ready for an authentic dose of real timeless techno.

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HF LP 03 (2×12″ Vinyl) / 8 Snippets by Hardfloor


  • Me
    15/01/2011 - 00:28 | Permalink

    First one reminds of “THE GRAVITANIONSL ARCH OF10″

  • 02/03/2011 - 11:28 | Permalink

    HARDFLOOR is amazing!
    This album is great, some of their best stuff I’ve heard in awhile.
    Had it on repeat for a long time!

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