Book Review – HappyDaze

Here is another book I have just read that I can highly recommend. Happydaze is a pictorial delight filled with wonderful images from photographer Sam Williams of the underground party scene from 1989 to early 90s that she closely followed. This steps up a gear from the Ravin 89 book I picked up last year, as it not only beautifully captures the moments in time delivering excellent photographic content , but also there is plenty of text to read of stories from the memories of party goers who were part of one the most important youth and musical culture movements in the last 25 years. What I really loved �is at last someone has produced a book on the party scene that was not City Centric, yes there was life outside of London and Manchester. Ok there are reference to London clubs, but many images of the parties are from outside of the metropolis, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Somerset, Avon, following the important free party sound systems that held legendary parties throughout the UK, a scene that I hold close to my heart.

160 Pages, over 200 Photos, Memorable Flyers, Ravers Memoirs, Music Timeline and made with love.

You can buy it from Amazon, WH Smiths, Ebay or my recommendation is through Sam�s website here

A solid investment.

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