Monthly Archives: September 2010

Nathan Davis – A tribute to Alfredo Pt6

Our Balearic beat connoisseur Nathan Davis has pieced together another splendid mix for the “A Tribute to Alfredo” series. Part [...]

Earth People – Reach up to mars (Go Bangs Niced up Slack Edit)

Thought I would share this with you, a nice extended edit of a classic track by Pal Joey from 1990 by our friends over at GoBang, who are gr [...]

Old Skool 1990 – 1991 Belgian and Dutch Techno – E to H

Ok so I was a bit optimistic about a whole week of posting European techno, so I will continue this week with some more hand selected techno [...]

Tim Acid – Early Belgian Techno Chart on Juno

While having a dig about on Juno, I thought I would create a small chart of some of the Belgian Techno releases I found, ok I know I have in [...]

Old Skool 1990 – 1991 Belgian and Dutch Techno A-D

Belgian and Dutch techno imports during 1990 and 1991 were hitting the UK shores at an ever increasing rate especially from the main labels [...]

Remake – Blade Runner

One for the progressive house heads, a popular tune with Sasha during 1992, Remake – Blade Runner was released on the Italian label To [...]

Mix Tape Favourites #5 DJ Jelly – Mellow Mix 1991

Another from the tape collection, from a DJ to our local scene in Farnham, Surrey who I have mentioned on a some other occasions on the blog [...]

Hot Natured…. hot bargain

We have a Hot Bargain by Hot Nature, Now I would get on this quick and download the whole E.P in wav format for 99p before someone realises [...]

April Wayne – Bigger They come, The Harder They Fall

I first came by this song in 1991 on a house mix tape (one I will upload in a day or so), but it was not until about the year 2000 when I ac [...]

Mix Tape Favourites #4 – Roger Sanchez – Givin’ it Up – Kiss 100 FM Feb 14th 1992

On Feb 14th 1992, US DJ Roger Sanchez “Givin’ it up” mix was aired on London radio station KISS FM. I recorded 90mins of t [...]
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