Black Kiss – The Orgasm

Who’s That Beat? was a sub division of Belgian independent label PIAS Play it again Sam that was running between 1988 and 1993. One of the earlier releases in 1988 Black Kiss – The Orgasm was by producer Phil Wilde who was behind a number of other artists such as Petra & Co and more famously but with slightly less Kudos 2 Unlimited. The writting credits go to Patrick De Mayer who has an alias list as long as your arm, but more famously for being behind T99 (think Anastasia and those euro techno stabs) & Technotronic’s Pump up the Jam. Black Kiss – The Orgasm is a dark New beat tune with a women singing some explicit lyrics about  being finger fucked, sticking your renal up her arse and wanting to have sex with you, lyrics that would not sound out of place thesedays in some underground nu electro disco rave nightspot in Shoreditch. The tune itself underneath the vocals has some good elements, with influences of early Chicago house with the funky house bassline but with added European tackiness. The B-Side treats you to an instrumental, which I have snuck in sets on many occasions.

Black Kiss – The Orgasm (Part1)

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