Emotions E.P

It was only a couple of years ago when this record was the Holy Grail to some collectors particularly in the North West of England, exchanging hands for over 100, although now the internet second hand trading market has matured you can pick this up a lot cheaper now. In the leafy South in our little scene about 45 miles South West of London, this record was getting regular plays by our local DJ Jelly, Resident at Limelight / Rhythm Station and Sweat Sound systems. This is who I first heard play this tune back in 1991, and that is who I bought the track a couple of years later when he decided to sell up his decks (I got those too at a later date) and records. Penned on the white label is “Emotions E.P” and the track list. For years it was not widely known who produced this track, however it happens to be (according to several sources) Nick Hussey who also had involvement with Awesome 3, LuvDup and Bowa all quite succesful acts. While “Were on the move” seems to be the one of the most favoured tracks by many, I always prefered the flip side and the downtempo ambient version of “Promised Land”, which the singer behind Awesome 3 pop anthem “Don’t Go”, Julie McDermott delivers a beautiful vocal delight over this beatless synth led tune that boasts an excellent piano breakdown.

DJ Roy Silver – Emotions E.P

Promise Land

Promise Land (Beatless Mix)


Were on the move

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