TiED 007 – TiED Down by Steve Kiw

The seventh in the series of TiED Down guest mixes comes from Brighton based DJ and all round top bloke Steve KIW. Well known for his 6 hour marathon “Keeping it Wheel” freestyle sets at The Fish Bowl and DJ member of the Balearic Assasins of Love (BAOL) collective, Steve has kindly blessed us with a superb track selection and mixing skills. A few words from the man himself.

“Ah, to be eclectic. It wasn’t so long ago that to be considered an eclectic DJ simply meant you were a jack of all trades and master of none. Of course, that’s always been nonsense but so it is with trends. They will always dictate to the easily led. Nowadays more and more DJs think they’re being ‘eclectic’ because they’ve squeezed a re-edit of Tony Orlando or Kate Bush into their latest four to the floor set. As a record collector first and dj second I think its time to put this into context. .

The ‘concept’ (for want of a better word) for the KIW mix for TiED was to throw some of my favourite all-time acts up in the air and see where they landed. More like a ‘back to mine’ session where I pick albums off the shelf, play a random track and move on to the next one. I play at least one six hour set every month and join the dots between genres for fun.

This little collection was pulled together in one hit. Pulling vinyl off the shelves and making it fit together. It includes tracks released on Warp; dialogue from an infant Drew Barrymore and a more grown-up Barbra Steisland; soul music with a message from Lou Rawls and The Rotary Connection; and some recording legends. It covers six decades of music. Hopefully you’ll like it.

For more KIW mixes subscribe to the KIW podcast at http://kiw.podomatic.com/ and for gig info etc join the Facebook group ‘kiw: keeping it wheel’

Download – TiED Down by Steve KIW

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