TiED 006 – TiED Down by Mark Archer (Altern-8)

We have a treat for you this week for our TiED Down back to mine blend. A very special guest selection from techno  DJ/Producer Mark Archer and member of the legendary rave act Altern-8 more recently known as Mark II. Mark takes us on an incredible journey of the music and artists that have shaped his life over the years, weaving the magical sounds of the 80′s with the futuristic sounds of detroit techno for our sixth mix for the TiED Down series.

Some words from Mark Archer.

“Nice one to Tim for asking me to do this mix, if a mix is what you can call it… it was an absolute pleasure to do, he did say do an hour if you want but I seem to have got slightly carried away and stopped just short of three hours.

These are tracks that are either ones I grew up with and probably first heard on radio two (at such a young age I had no say in the matter on which station was picked) or tracks I’ve been introduced to by friends or in clubs, all have specific meanings and great memories attached to them, hopefully they may strike a chord…..

Some are influences, some just life long favourites and as I started on a Detroit techno vibe, it was only fitting that I ended that way.”

TiED 006 – Mark Archer

Track List

1. System 7 – Altitude (Mayday Mix)

2. Japan – Ghosts

3. America – Horse with no name

4. B B & Q – (I’m a) Dreamer (Long version)

5. Kelis (feat. Andre 3000) – Millionaire

6. Direct – Let it ride

7. Robert Palmer – I didn’t mean to turn you on

8. Kenny Larkin – Amethyst

9. Andy Caldwell – Warrior

10. Grace Jones – Love on top of love (Clivilles & Cole garage house mix)

11. The Russell Brothers – The party scene (Instrumental)

12. RJD2 – One day (Instrumental)

13. Prince – Erotic city

14. Gelka – When you gotta go you gotta go

15. Badly Drawn Boy – Once around the block

16. Cathedra – Burroughs & Legget Featuring Aurara Strings

17. Donald Byrd – (Falling like) Dominoes

18. Russ Denman – That with this (Reshaped)

19. Duran Duran – Save a prayer

20. Sounds Of Blackness – Everything is gonna be alright (Chuff Chuff Dub)

21. Move D – Spacerckr

22. Judy Tzuke – Stay with me till dawn

23. High Contrast – Racing green

24. The Beat – Mirror in the bathroom

25. As One – A short track about love

26. Dj Rolando – Jaguar (Derrick May mix)

27. Roy Ayres – Everybody loves the sunshine

28. Armando – Downfall

29. Amerie – 1 thing

30. Sui Generis – Speaking terms

TiED Down 006 – Mark Archer pt1

TiED Down 006 – Mark Archer pt2

320kps High Quality Audio

Visit Mark’s Myspace Page here

Visit Mark II ‘s Myspace Page here


  • 16/05/2010 - 19:09 | Permalink

    Great stuff. A really nice selection from Mark on this.

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  • 20/05/2010 - 18:36 | Permalink

    Way to pull in Archer T! Looking for ward to this one.

  • James Alaska
    11/06/2010 - 19:32 | Permalink

    absolute genius mix this – totally loving it. My congratulations to the DJ – it’s rarely off my ipod at the moment.

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