TiED 005 – TiED Down by Versions Galore – Guest Mix

A few weeks back TiED stumbled across a treasure trove of cover versions of tunes and songs we love on the a highly recommended and respectable blog Versions Galore (since this post, the blog has sadly been deleted by  ze Nazi’s). Well, having been blown away by the awesome cover versions posted we just had to get VG on board for a TiED Down guest mix, and the man from del monte he said, yeah nice 1 geeza.

A few Words from Versions Galore.

Firstly big tip of the bandana to Tim here at the burgeoning TiED for inviting me to be a guest mixer.
For those that hurtle through the blogosphere, grabbing this and reading that, you may know me from my little corner known as Versions Galore . And those that do also know the little niche I’ve chosen to whittle away at is leftfield cover versions of songs. When my cover collecting OCD is not puttering in overdrive, one of my big loves has been collecting electronic music; an obsession that started as wee failed breakdancer high on Kraftwerk and Newcleus to wearing smiley tees and dancing like Bez with a pegleg to now sifting through various Franco-electro mp3s with titles spelled out in multi-coloured neon. Very seldom unfortunately do these two worlds collide. Jazz, Rock, Country, Reggae and other ‘respectable’ genres have long enjoyed a culture of covered tunes but for whatever reason electronica is seldom rehashed by others. Is it the lack of vocals? Or is it, despite how world changing most DJ shop proprietors seem to think their stock is, a genre that no one 10 miles outside of any major urban setting gives a toss about? Who knows. Maybe God hates Techno (Now there’s an idea for a t shirt!). But today, ex-ravers and acid casualties, 2 stepping glitch poppers and ghetto scouse housers I’ve come bearing Balearic cover anthems galore.

Leopold Stotch
Versions Galore

Thee Tracklisting:

Acid Brass – Voodoo Ray (A Guy Called Gerald)
The Dylan Group – Towers Of Dub (The Orb)
Hawa – D.A.N.C.E. (Justice)
Dauerfisch – Pacific 02 (808 State)
The Bombist – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk)
Seņor Coconut and his Orchestra – Moscow Discow (Telex)
Quantic Soul Orchestra – Hold It Down (4Hero)
6ix Toys – 6ix Toys (The Prodigy)
Who Made Who – Flat Beat (Mr. Oizo)
Elbow – Teardrop (Massive Attack)
Findlay Brown – Promised Land (Joe Smooth)
Little Boots – Ready For The Floor (Hot Chip)
Zook – Blue Monday(New Order)
Christian Prommer – Strings Of Life (Rhythim Is Rhythim)
Maxence Cyrin – Windowlicker (Aphex Twin)

Download TiED 005 – TiED Down by Versions Galore


  • 13/05/2010 - 17:00 | Permalink

    oh no…just found out today that Versions Galore has been deleted by their host ….sad news…I fucking loved that site ….hope it will be back up and running again soon…… Big respect to Leopold Stotch ..

    Hope you all enjoy this mix, and leave some comments too ….. it gives you a flavour of what VG was about

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