Balearic Mike, Phil Mison, The Acid Tree, Mudd and other .. Folk Festival, Ibiza

TiED have been in two minds about heading over to Ibiza, feeling we somewhat missed the boat 20 years ago. But this looks very tempting, away from the super clubs and the big crowds, a gathering of like minded souls are putting the pieces back together of the more laid back side of the experience. Manchester based cafe, venue, bar† “Folk” are holding a festival towards the end of July at a number of cool venues on the White Isle, and the Ethos of “Folk” sit very close to us here at TiED.

From the Folk Festival Website

“We love music. We also love throwing parties at Folk, and those long, lazy days sat in the sun with a cold drink and lots of like minded people with nothing much else on their minds other than a forgotten melody drifting on the breeze…Our parties are relaxed affairs, although we do like dancing.

Thereís no pressure at our parties. You donít have to be fashionable or part of a scene. Thereís no pressure on the DJs, they have the freedom to play whatever they want, when they want. We believe in a spirit of independence and individuality. We still believe in love.

Holding these values above the desire to make money has allowed us to experience some very special moments. If you share these values, letís come together to create a magical experience at the very source of the original Balearic vibe. See you on the beach…”

Here are some mixes hosted on the website

Balearic Mike – A View from a San Fransico Rooftop

Mudd’s – Tea and Biscuits Mix

Nick and Justin – The Acid Tree – Dans Le Studio

Nick and Justin-† Live @ The Acid Tree

Phil Mison – Live @ Cafe Del Mar 1993

Naive Meoldy Mix

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