TiED Guest Mix – James Alaska – Muted Lullabies

Sunset over Scrabo Tower, Northern Ireland

Image: Sunset over Scrabo Tower, Northern Ireland

TiED Guest mix today comes from James Alaska of The Alaska None, who has kindly created a journey mix for TiED that vibrates your tympanic membrane and ossicular chain creating a sonic adventure. I managed to find a quiet moment for an hour yesterday, sitting in the sun by Scrabo Tower looking over the causeway towards the Scottish Highlands and remembered I had this mix on my iPod. So amongst the sound of nature, with the occasional background sound of a light aircraft from a nearby airfield,  the engines quietly fading in and out of my conciousness along with what was the perfect sound track for the time and space I found myself in.

James on his selection.

“I really enjoyed putting this together. It’s definitely for the more dedicated sets of ears, quite abstract in places, but really reflects a lot of the music I reverence at the moment. It’s definitely for either quiet late night or that 6 a.m. time when you’re starting to slip in and out of consciousness and reality”

The Alaska One is currently unsigned, but already has international performances booked in Germany and India this year, visit his Myspace Page for more information on up and coming gigs, and listen to the recent works of The Alaska One.

Now find yourself a quite corner somewhere, switch your phone off, and place your headphones on and enjoy this trip.

Tracklisting -

Aleks Kolkowski – Recording Angels Spoke

Boards of Canada – Open the Light

BJ Nilsen- Gradient

:Zoviet*France: – Something Spooked the Horses

Isan- Amber Button

Pole – Silberfisch

Fennesz – Grey Scale

William Burroughs- Ich Bin von Kopf bis Fuss au.

Vital Signą-Himmel

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Avaol

:Zoviet*France: – Farasin

Download – TiED Guest Mix – James Alaska – Muted Lullabies


  • Mezzoforte
    16/04/2010 - 08:11 | Permalink

    Mind bending. I thought this was going to be rubbish when I heard the opening rustles…..then it breaks…… Pure joy, not heard many of these bands / DJs before. Thanks for introducing me to some really cool stuff.

  • Suzy
    16/04/2010 - 09:49 | Permalink

    proper far out mix this one – I’m sure I’ll come back to this again and again. Thanks James.

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