Monthly Archives: April 2010

Greg Wilson – Random Influences #3

Random Influences #3 from the Electrofunk legend Greg Wilson providing 2hrs of an eclectic selection of music that has shaped his style over [...]

Easy Lee – Inspiration information

While digging through the virtual musical shelving of cyber space, we stumbled across this fine summer led Balearic set by Easy Lee for Bale [...]

Music for Astronauts and Cosmonauts

[youtube url=""] “Take Off” is taken from the excellent Music for Astronauts and Cosmo [...]

Living in another world

Here are a couple of tracks taken from the History Revisted LP by 80′s band Talk Talk. This release was made up of dancefloor versions [...]

It's gonna Go Bang again in Brighton during the whole month of May

Some may remember from last year I was blogging about a month long Guerilla style (and not men dressed in ape outfits) festival that takes p [...]

Bootleg CD

Here is an Unofficial bootleg CD that has been doing the rounds since last year, that has a couple of good re-edits on there if that floats [...]

Hands of Love

TiED has been loving this since its release last year, an amazing track by Rocha called Hands of Love. The released feature remixes by a Bal [...]

Pacific Blue – You gotta dance

Some 70′s Disco B-Side action from the New York Based Prelude Records by Pacific Blue, released on a nice slab of coloured vinyl. Paci [...]

Balearic Mike, Phil Mison, The Acid Tree, Mudd and other .. Folk Festival, Ibiza

TiED have been in two minds about heading over to Ibiza, feeling we somewhat missed the boat 20 years ago. But this looks very tempting, awa [...]

Midlake – Roscoe (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Remix)

[youtube=] Midlake’s amazing album The Trials Of Van Occupanther was repressed for Record St [...]
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