Monthly Archives: March 2010

Old Skool Hardcore & Breakbeat – Selection 1

It’s not often I post some “old Skool hardcore and breakbeat” tunes on The Acid House, mainly because I am not personally [...]

Mr Monday – Future

[youtube=] As it is still just about Monday, here is a an old favourite that used to get cained ba [...]


I found this record in a second hand shop in Aldershot about four years ago, the tune is from 1992 and was one of those crossover housey har [...]

War of the worlds

Techno music from Kenny Larkin at its finest, my word I would love to hear this on a loud system once again. The siren sound in this is just [...]

Nude @ The Hacienda

I am currently reading “How not to run a nightclub” by Peter Hook, which documents the history of the infamous Hacienda Nightclu [...]

My Love is Magic

Released on the legendary Nu Groove label in 1988, Bas Noir (pronounced Bah-Nwah) produced this sweet piano house number that I can remember [...]

The Chase

ok, I blogged this ages ago, but for those who have not dug deep into the vaults of The Acid House, I am resurfacing this classic piece of e [...]

Get Real

[youtube=] Here is a lovely piece a 1988 UK Soulful acid house hit from Paul Rutherford, who was a [...]


Another piece of hard acid house called “Machines” that was released on US label House Nation Records in 1988 by Laurent X (Mark [...]

Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas?

Wow, it has been getting on for two years since I posted the classic acid laced 80′s new beat anthem by Zsa Zsa La Boum, so time to sh [...]
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