Neon – Sultana (Funky beat Mix)

I have been going through the mammoth task of re-organising the vinyl collection, at these times I can understand the appeal of digital formats and software tools to archive and retrieve music within a nano second. Having now moved away from filing records in label order, that look pretty on the shelves seeing all the company sleeves all lined up together, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but a fucking useless way of organising vinyl. So I have now adopted the alphabetical order approach, albeit sub sectioning music into categories such as house, techno, uk rave 1990-1993, old skool 87-89 and that’s about as far as I have got, I’ll get on to disco, funk, 80′s in the next decade. Now as robotic technology progresses at such a rate, maybe some clever fucker (and there are plenty out there) can come up with a robotic automated vinyl archiving system, where you come back home with your wax, place it into a holder, type in the artist name into a touch screen etc…actually better still, have it voice activated so you can just say the artist name, album name etc and it the machine will file the record for you, infact let it auto rip the vinyl to digi format for your mp3 player at the same time…yeah that will just about do it.  I mean old Juke Boxes used to do almost 75% of that did they not? I just feel we have gone a little bit backwards in Vinyl Juke Box technology these days. So if you are one of those clever fuckers with plenty of time on your hands, you can take my ideas above for free, no charge, nada, zilch a big fat fucking zero as long I get the first system when it is ready. But anyway, as I was going through my records, I found a copy of Belgian New Beat artist Neon’s track called Sultana from the late 80′s, put it on the deck and was really surprised how fresh and funky the Balearic sounding B-Side was, so here it is….enjoy.

Neon – Sultana (Funky Beat Mix)

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  • Harry
    08/02/2010 - 03:00 | Permalink

    I’m going through the same process. :-/ Where are the librarian robots when we need ‘em? Thanks for the track.

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