Ellis Dee – Acid Rain

Ok so I just found out that Ellis Dee who released acid and garage tunes in late 80′s was not the same Ellis Dee who was a heavy hitter on the breakbeat and jungle scene from 1992 onwards. Infact the acid and garage  Ellis Dee was better known as mid nighties House producer Junior Vasquez, however he had released earlier tunes under the Ellis Dee guise on labels such as Minimal and the now long standing dance label XL Recordings. One of those tunes included plenty of squelch and can be found on the Free Your Mind LP with the track entitled Acid Rain, although this album seems to be obsolete, you can still find this on the second hand market if you digg about.

Ellis Dee – Acid Rain


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    HA funny.. I had the same revelation…mine came at around ’92 when a friend of mine sent me an Ellis Dee live set @ Fantasia. needless to say I was blown away (phoooawww) as there was no such music and energy and Rave subculture like that in the U.S. so i started a pilgrimage to find all things UK/hardcore etc… and I stumbled on this “Ellis D” at a shop in NY…mind you I was a bit disappointed…and thought..”who is this impostor”? hahaha i guess i found a few years later as this same junior Vasquez was devastating dancefloors in NYC.
    Long story long….thanks for all the tunage!

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    Didn’t he remix patti days “right before my eyes”

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    not sure Nick ….had a look on discogs cannot see any refrence to Ellis Dee or Junior or his real name Donald related to Patti Day…that is about as far as my inpector clueso instincts take me

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