Monthly Archives: January 2010

Baby let me love you for tonight

Kariya’s Baby Let me love you for tonight was one of the biggest anthems back in 89 and can still get a reaction on the dancefloor at [...]

Odds and sods Pt 3

Some odds and sods for you today some classics & unclassics, rare & not so rare C – Concept – Why did you do it Carly Si [...]

Fantasy FM & Friends FM – London Pirate Radio Recordings

Big thanks to the Woodman for uploading his old recordings of Fantasy FM and Friends FM. I was out of the catchment area too tune into these [...]

Belo E Sambar

[youtube=] At the weekend Love Internationals – Dance on the Groove and do the funk decided [...]

Talk to me

Was just looking through some old tunes and found this 1990 deconstruction promo burried under a pile, not one I confess to playing much but [...]

Mind the gap!!

Had this tune buzzing about in my head today, a rare italian piano house white label from 1991 by the Rapino Bros that heavily samples some [...]

Deep House & Chug Nuts

I love the way music genres like fashion revolve around as a spoke on rather large wheel, early last year I was predicting or guessing a cle [...]

Belouis Some – Imagination

[youtube=] Time to dig the 80′s crate again and resurface some Balearic gems. The Belouis So [...]

The Globe – The Disco Fuelled Brighton Boozer

So remeber last year when I was letting you all in on one of Brighton’s best kept underground secrets The GoBang Brighton festival, a [...]

Expletive Undeleted: Andrew Weatherall interview and High on hope Film

I found a couple of new interesting posts over on Expletive Undeleted and thought I would share them with you as they are worth a read (also [...]
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