Warm Sounds – Live Show 24th November 2009

Here is a recording of The Warm Sounds Live show on Pirate Revival net radio from Tuesday evening, 2hrs of randomly selecting tunes and putting them in the mix. The Warm Sounds Show is still in its infancy and has been running for little over 6 months, it is very organic, and requires no pre-planning or programming, just simply selecting tunes that spring to mind at the time and play what is being felt. It is completely live, so warts and all are included, no rewind or retakes (for those that need to know the hardware used… 2 x SL1210′s, 2 x Pioneer CDJ’s & a Mixer). The show goes out live on Pirate Revival every other Tuesday evening between 6pm-8pm GMT, and is just intended as bit of fun by playing good music to friends and music lovers. It is not “old Skool” centric, in truth playing the same 88-93 records over and over again for the last decade has become a little tiresome so this show explores other musical interests, although a nod to a much loved and influential era of my life can be felt and heard…..apologies in advanced for the lack of mic skills.

There is no tracklisting, but the following were played to give you a flavour

Stereo Mc’s

Fleetwood Mac – You make loving fun (Trail Mix)

Djum Djum – Difference

Thompson Twins – Long beach Culture

America – Horse with no name (Todd Terje edit)

Social Disco Club – Portuguese Revenge

Tuccillo – Panorama

6th Borough Project – Cadillac

Elektra – Feels Good

Rob – Make it fast – Make it slow (Gerd Edit)

Marius – Disco Drummer

Iggy Pop – Night Clubbing

St Etienne – Only Love will break your heart

Motorcycle Boy – Motorcycle Theme – Fabrizio Mammarella Edit

Rockets – On the road again (The Noodleman’s Edit)

Fashion – David Bowie (Hawk re-edit)

Dennis Parker – Like an Eagle (The Noodleman’s deep rework) 320

Open your ears

Download – Warm Sound Show Live – 24th November 2009


  • 27/11/2009 - 08:29 | Permalink

    incredible !!!
    downloading now !!!
    u r great !!!

  • Essil
    27/07/2010 - 18:54 | Permalink

    Now this looks interesting – downloading now. Thanks for sharing.


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