Monthly Archives: November 2009

Warm Sounds – Live Show 24th November 2009

Here is a recording of The Warm Sounds Live show on Pirate Revival net radio from Tuesday evening, 2hrs of randomly selecting tunes and putt [...]

Panasonic to cease production on the Technics SL1200 / SL1210 Turntable in Feb 2010

Well rumours are floating around the tinternet today that Panasonic are ceasing production of the Technics SL1200 / SL1210 Turntable in Feb [...]

DJ Nova – If I were a Nu Balearic DJ I would playin' tunes like these

I was sent this mix a few months back and forgot to share this with you, so better late than never we have a new (well new from August) mix [...]

The Minute Men – All My Friends

At last I managed to succesfully get a copy of this record, after the inital attempt getting lost in the post. So arrived yesterday morning [...]

The Acid House – Now on Facebook

Just the heads up for all those Facebookers out there,  The Acid House Facebook Group has been started today, a place where you can post you [...]

Fighting to keep the spirit alive..

Well it has been sometime since the last update due to a number reasons. You may have noticed at the end of September The Acid House was shu [...]
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