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I was a huge fan of the Belgian Techno in 1990-1992, a sound that was heavily promoted through Dj’s Colin Dale and Colin Favors shows on Kiss FM, and also pushed by Joey Beltram & Lenny Dee. Some excellent labels like Beat Box, Music Mann, Dance Opera, DRA and of course the legendary R&S Records made up the sound of the Free Party festivals during 1991 and some of the other raves I went too. The most prolific label during the period of the “Belgian Techno Anthems” was R&S Records, set up by Renaat Vandepapeliere & Sabine Maes. Some of their huge anthems and signings included Joey Beltrams infamous “Energy Flash”, massive club anthem from Jaydee “Plasic Dreams”, CJ Bollands – Ravesignal III and the huge rave stomper from Outlander called “The Vamp”. The Vamp was such a memorable tune of that era, although released in 1990, it gained anthem status in 1991. I can recall it being played at least three times at a rave called “Zen” held in Slough that boasted a line up including the biggest names in techno of its time Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Colin Dale and Colin Favor. A true fact, my brother loved the “Vamp” so much, he actually requested this to be played at his funeral, thats how much these tunes had an effect on our lives. So today I share with you some undergound releases from the R&S camp and a couple of anthems, and for would be collecters Belgian techno has never really got into that high price bracket like the UK hardcore breakbeat scene, so if you are a fan of these tunes, you can pick up copies fairly cheap at record fairs and online sites like Discogs and even ebay.

Last year R&S Records opened shop again, and have been releasing new tunes and some remixes of the old anthems, including Prins Thomas disco tinged remix of The Vamp. Check out their website ..

Spock JR – Ion (Boccoccia Edit) (1988)

Greyhouse – New beats The House (1989)

Space Opera – Electrowave (1989)

Outlander – The Vamp (1990)

How & Little – The Forumla (1991)

Golden Girls – Kinetic (Orbital Mix) (1992)

I thought I would re-surface this mix as well as it contains quite a few Belgian techno tunes and represents my harder style of Old Skool from that era….this was a mix I done at the Legendary Hazy Dayz Old Skool Night in Liverpool for a Halloween Special back in 2005…..absolutley loved every minute of the set on the night…and was a real treat to play upstairs to an appreciative crowd who knew there “old skool”…..would love to see those nights back on again….1991 all over again.

Tim Acid Hazy Days Liverpool 29th October 2005 Upstairs Halloween Live Set

Equipment used 2 x 1210s and a Mixer

mp3 encoded now @ 224kps


1. Nu-Tek Happyness
2. Mr Lee Get Busy
3. Outlander Vamp
4. Mundo Musique Enemy Missile
5. Autonation Sit on the bass
6. Mitrax Influid
7. Major Problems Murder 25
8. Dee Georgoues Better than sex
9. Hypnotize 2 Desperanza
10. Science Lab Flesh & Blood
11. Spectrum Brazil (Remix)
12. Friends of Mathew Out there
13. Spectrum In Crowd
14. Llyod Owes me a packet The Pounder
15. Beltram Energy Flash
16. The Sounds of Now
17. Ravesignal III Horespower
18. Set up system Music and Noise
19. 1001 People Ao Ao
20. Problem House The Party Zone
21. French Connection Who Cares

Download Here – Tim Acid – Hazy Dayz


  • 30/07/2009 - 08:56 | Permalink

    Good Stuff: Also check this out from Fact Magazine:

    Download: 20 Best Euro: A pulse-quickening mix of hoover-heavy, tear-out rave music from 1991, selected with love..

    • 30/07/2009 - 16:26 | Permalink

      Nice link Toby… notch track listing….. thanks for sharing… I think I will put that on the main page…… :)

  • Barry
    01/08/2009 - 10:59 | Permalink

    Thanks for sharing these old sets, absolutely superb to listen to these, if you follow Toby’s links, you can get more mixes which i’m grabbing right now.

    • 01/08/2009 - 13:58 | Permalink

      Thanks for the heads up Barry on the link to all of those mixes …..dig in people :)

  • Dan
    09/08/2009 - 17:21 | Permalink

    nice one Tim, love the mix, havent heard mundo musiques track since colin favers show back in the day! awesome. good to find your site. i live in brighton and also know paul budd. ill be keeping a look out on your pages for more fun coming to town!. cheers D

    • Dan
      15/09/2010 - 00:56 | Permalink

      hi Tim, still enjoying popping by your site for some choice listening and some great nostalgic moments! cheers. do you remember Jellyjam records from around 1990?? remember colin faver playing some of there stuff late at night on kiss as a youngster and could never find it again!! vaguely recall some really outstanding tunes. Dont suppose your extensive collection stretches to this stuff by chance? bumped into mr . Budd in town the other day, if i catch him on the right night it seems our paths may cross! hope your well. D

  • Dan
    09/08/2009 - 17:25 | Permalink

    heres one for ya. been hunting an old tune from the same period for ages. its got a sample from the Aliens movie “bad dreams again” through it. nice trippy, minimal tech tune. do you know it???? you must get this sort of thing a lot so i’ll understand if i dont get a response! cheers anyway. D

    • 09/08/2009 - 18:03 | Permalink

      Hi Dan …… cheers for the comments…..I am racking my hungover head to think of a tune from that era with the sample you described…..but nothing is rising to the surface at the moment……..if it does I’ll send you a message ………… may catch you out and about in Brighton one weekend then ;)

  • 08/01/2010 - 12:56 | Permalink

    great tracks, I have been discovering early belgian techno myself, mainly on youtube, and there are some great tracks!
    I always knew about Energy Flash and the Vamp, but its been nice to delve deeper.

    There is a free party soundsystem in London that still plays this sort of old techno at warehouse parties sometimes

    • 08/01/2010 - 13:12 | Permalink

      nice 1 ..I think I will do some more post soon on some Belgian techno…..there were so many good tunes from that era ….may have to dust of my records for another belgian techno mix again…. Good to hear that the Free Party systems are still supporting this sound

  • 09/11/2011 - 15:56 | Permalink

    thx for this really interesting explanation and posts..

    I was listening to french radio in my small bedroom explaining what you were doing in those RAVE events..
    an I remeber one trck really increadible : your shame dance dance.. and you made it appear to me :: )) in 320 kbps!!!
    Greyhouse – New beats The House (1989)

    Really really thank you.


    if I could suggest another track I like that is looking like this track:

    33 1-3 Queen – Searchin

    really cool.i’m looking for some stuff like that..if you have some..

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