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balearic jukebox

For those in the know, the Balearic Brothers hold a monthly event at the Om Bar in Brighton. Earlier this month Jon Marsh (The Beloved) graced the decks again at The Balearic Juke box, and spreading the word of love the first part of this amazing mix can be heard here.

Jon Marsh Live @ Balearic Jukebox (1st Hour)

The next party on the 6th June is looking to be a road block with Phil Mason from Reverso 68 sharing the love.

Full details below

on the Saturday 6th June
The Balearic Jukebox
@ OM, 5 Steine Street, Brighton, BN2 1TE

Hosted by the
Balearic Brothers
+ very special guest
Phil Mison (REVERSO 68)

9pm – 3am
Free B4 10.30pm / £3 after /


Bring some summer sunshine into your life at the start of June when we’ve got a very special party for you..

Producer, songwriter, musician and Balearic DJ sound pioneer PHIL MISON is our very special guest this month.

REVERSO 68 is the studio based project of Phil Mison and Pete Herbert. The two met many moons ago whilst Phil was a resident at the Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza and bought records from Pete who was running the infamous Atlas Records vinyl emporium in Soho, London at the time. Over the last few years REVERSO 68 have released some of the best modern Balearic music around. They appear regularly on uber cool Belgian label Eskimo Recordings (alongside the much hyped Aeroplane), and you should check ‘Piece Together’, ‘Especial’, and ‘Tokyo Disco’ now! Go to : for the full list of their productions. The REVERSO 68 sound has been described as a mix of Balearic disco and spaced-out melodic moments made with the dancefloor in mind, and we think that’s a perfect recipe for a Balearic Jukebox party!

Phil Mison has also championed the chill-out music genre since its inception in the early-90s, after being inspired by listening to Jose Padilla at the Cafe Del Mar. He began his long DJ career at London’s famed Milk Bar in 1991, segued into producing after a decade DJing around the world and touring with bands such as Leftfield. In 1995, he released the first of his Soundcolours compilation, the groundbreaking series that featured electronic music, mixed for mood over the traditional beat match. Ten compilations later, including Real Ibiza compilations 3 through 7, Mison has exported this island flavour into crafting an original artist album as Cantoma. Phil Mison is a truly Balearic soul, so come and check him out!


Raise your hands if you understand!


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  • claire
    25/09/2010 - 13:10 | Permalink

    can you tell me what the track is that starts at 33.38. Used to hear this at valbon or queens back in the day.

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