Chicago – Street Player ………The Bomb


In the Mid 90′s The Bucketheads released into clubland a monster record  called The Bomb, I can remember being on the dance floor at The Cafe De Paris, London when I first heard this record and watching the whole place go off. The long build up of the tune was so teasing, it just carried on and on for almost half of the 14 min long track before it exploded into a catchy funk riff that was sample from Chicago’s Street Player. The Bucketheads was the brainchild of US producer/DJ Kenny Dope and was originally started as a backalsh to the commercial eurodance scene. The Bomb had such dancefloor sucess that it created a turning point in club land and revived an interest in US disco influenced house music. For me The Bomb died of an overuse during the mid 90′s, however it cannot be denied it was a true dance floor classic.


  • 07/05/2009 - 18:24 | Permalink

    Played to death but still a good tune none the less

  • Robert
    31/05/2009 - 15:12 | Permalink

    Cool post, but … well … Hilarious … all this demonstrates is that good music lasts, as long as there’s someone to play it and someone to listen. “The Bomb” was a DJ tool, pure and simple; the explosive part was the big sample planted in the guts of it. Kind of a one trick pony, but clever nonetheless. The funny part is that those of us who recognise and value music for what it is, no more and no less, never forgot about disco in the first place. Not then and not now. Ask Humphries, Knuckles, Anderson, Joey Negro, Don Carlos, or almost anyone else who enjoyed going to a nightclub through the seventies. Geez, genres … fuhgeddabowdit!! Liberation is the name of the game, brothers and sisters. Free your ass and your mind will follow!!

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      lucky you Robert to have been old enough to experienced clubbing in the 70′s…..I was born in the 70′s so was a bit too young to have heard the likes of Humphries, Knuckles etc live….although you can get mix tapes thesedays to get an idea of what was being played and spot the origins of the dance music scene ……….. yep Genres piss me off to ….it is simply marketing to sell music and helps people identify with music they like……….thankfully other like minded souls exsist and put on events to go and listen to a whole variety of good music without narrowing the field.

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