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Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days (Re-edit)

Having recently heard the 1989 Revisted mixes of Wang Chung’s synth pop classic Dance Hall Days, popular with some of those on the bal [...]

Razorboy & Mirrorman – Beyond Control / Cutter Mix

This was the first white label I aquired in 1991, I say aquired as my brother actually bought it in Basement Records in Reading. but within [...]

Nu Groove Records 1988-1992

Nu Groove records was operation from 1988-1992, a New york based label that put out a string of classic underground dance tunes. The label w [...]

Mr Ashdown – We Salute You

I want to say a personal big thanks to M Ashdown for sharing the musical love with all the rips and sourcing he has been doing over the last [...]

Greg Wilson – Essential Mix

Quite simply an outstanding mix from the legandary DJ Greg Wilson, this was broadcasted on 17th January 2009 on BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. Y [...]

If I Were A Balearic Dj I’d Be Playin’ Tunes Like These Official Mix 002…

Another Balearic Mix for you from my Greek freind DJ Nova from Rodon FM 95, excellent selection of Afro beats and Balearic goodness. If I Wa [...]

Artists Celebrate Acid House

A new exhibition has opened at Selfridges store in London, looking at the phenomenon of Acid House and the rave movement. Here the club/urba [...]

Re-Upped – Visions of 1991 Mix

The Visions of 1991 mix has been re-upped, I noticed the zhare link was not downloading anymore. So I have placed it on another server for y [...]

Trainspotter Quiz – Question 1 Trainspotter Quiz – Question 1 Above is a link to a video of The Human League’s track [...]

Acid of the Day #2

[youtube=] Share [...]
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