Flea Markets and Cold Fingers – Winter Crate Digging for the hardened collectors

Just got back from my local flea market after freezing my fingers off for an hour, but came back with a bag full of goodies. A genre crossing selection of 70′s, Disco, Electro Funk, Old Skool House, Dub House, old skool hip hop, some classics, some not, some good, some will become frisbies. Some buys were a few experimental moments, and some were moments of joy having found a few beauties on good nick. I was pleased to get hold of a copy of James Browns Funky Drummer, also the “Jam to it again” release on City Limits I have been meaning to pick up for a while. The Orb Mixes of the underated Blue Pearls – Mother Dawn are lush, and give the tune a really nice ambient dubby affair for those chilled out moods. Another Gem is Djum Djum, I have a few of their releases on Outer Rhythm and this one does not dissapoint, a nice 1990 break beat tune with an italo feel to it. I have managed to find some youtube links so you can have a listen to some of the tunes, I am now off to put my fingers in the toaster to warm them up.

Various – Stars in 25 III

DJ’s Delite – Give me a good beat

Street Noise Vol 1

Prince  – Purple Rain LP

The Grid  – Crystal Clear

Sound Clip Here

Planet Patrol – Cheap Thrills

Sound Clip Here

The Glass Family – Crazy

Sound Clip Here

James Brown – Sex Machine E.P

Jean Michel Jarre – Zoolook

Sound Clip Here

James Brown – She’s the one / Funky Drummer Breaks

Sound Clip Here

Sweat Cream – Skunk Funk

Sound Clip Here

Boiling Point – Lets get funktified

Sound Clip Here

Tone Loc – I got it going on

Sound Clip Here

Blue Pearl – Mother Dawn (The Orb Mixes)

African Business – In Zaire

Sound Clip Here

Renegade Soundwave – Biting my nails

Sound Vid – Here

Joey Negro – Enter Your Fantasy

Barbara Mason – Another Man

Sound Clip – Here

Sugar Hill Gang – Rappers delight

Sound Clip – Here

Djum Djum – Djum Djum Beat

Level III – Makes me feel

X-Press 2 – Muzik Xpress

Sound Clip – Here

Alton Edwards – Everybody’s Watching

FDM – Mother India (Sabres of Paradise Mix)

Afrika Bambatta and The Soul Sonic Force – Renegades of Funk

Sound Clip – Here

How & Little – Jam to it again

Sound Clip – Here

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