Record Review – Retours D’Acide 87-88


Record Review – Retours D’Acide 87-88

The gods were smiling on me on the last day in May, I was moving all my worldly possessions into a back of a 7.5 tonne truck when the postman turned up and handed me a package with the ever so familiar shape that I have been receiving at that address over the years. If it had been two hours later, the van would have gone and I would have never seen this record. Annoyingly my decks were packed away and I had to wait until I could get to a turntable to be able to play this new piece of glorious wax.

I was put on the distribution mailing list for French labels Treue um Treue limited 300 pressings of Retours D’Acidee. The vinyl is a super sexy yellow and black picture disc with provocative images, the contents on the grooves are eight tracks of pure underground New Beat and Acid from 2008.

The release starts of nicely with the slow tempo 103BPM sounds of Leanders – Baby Phat, with a funky bassline and a nice mid breakdown count in 1,2,3,4 and the bassline kicks. A(ci)d Absurdum’s – Die Welt Bergauf is a bleepy number with a gritty electro bassline. Kalkenn’s coolly titled- Zombies on Botox delivers a 113 BPM mean and dark new beat tune with plenty of acid wonkyness and a huge heavy bass kick. IWIK 88′s Acid Messiah is a nice Acid track with plenty of 303 business. Flip the tune over and you have  Incident Voyageurs’ Ibiza 100 BPM heavy industrial sounding tune with plenty of bleeps, Jongbloed’s Neo Beat is a superb dark, deep new style tune, you will have to watch you speakers on the bass it is massive. Pierre Normal’s Acid Tear adds a nice touch the release with trippy vocals and a nice 303 hook, the release ends with Mordek’s New Blitz, a nicely crafted deep Chicago style acid tune with some vocal and nicely programmed 303 acieeeeeeed.

All in all this is a great ltd edition release and gets my vote for the funky sexy arty picture disc alone, if you are into your European New beat & Acid movement from the late 1980′s, then this is a must have, you best start tracking down and buy a copy before they all sell out, I have only seen a few copies on discogs, so happy hunting.

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