Happy New Year – Balearic Jukebox Events and Mix

Happy new year to you all, I hope you all had a great 2008 and have an even better 2009.

My year has been a yoyo of emotions, having moved area, taken on a huge building renovation project and having to put 5000 records in a storage unit and not being able to access them while I live on a building site knee deep in dust and building crap. But light is at the end of the tunnel 2009 means comfortable living space and I get my records and decks back hopefully in late Feb.

So having moved to a new area I needed to find a night that ticked my musical boxes for NYE, now this is not usually an easy task as many clubs only provide a mono genre outlet whether it is funky house, minimal, maximal or whatever new genre invented by the media have made flavour of the month. Now call me old fashioned but listening to the same beat all night long over the last 20 years has got a bit boring, so I was looking for something that was little bit more special,  maybe even exclusive yet accessible, something that was fun, a small venue, intimate crowd, happy vibes, something that could offer a creative cross section of musical flavours and tempo playing funk, soul, house, disco, indie…maybe something a bit balearic.

Well as luck would have it one of the best party crews The Balearic Brothers happen to reside in my new home town and were putting on New years eve gig that on paper promised to tick the boxes I was looking for, and did it?  oh yes.

The venue was the Open House in Brighton, a superb large pub that played host to  Sonic Safari upstairs and The Balearic Brothers downstairs also with DJ set by Just Jack. I Loved the venue, the bar staff looked great in there super hero outfits, although the smoking area outside meant there was always a traffic flow heading through the main packed dance floor area to the left of the main bar, but that did not stop everyone dancing. The music was superb, playing some funk and soul numbers when we arrived at about 21:30, then at about 23:30 for me the music really picked up, some excellent tunes being played and managed to secure a good spot on the dance floor with some friendly faces who were right into the music, bring on the sing alongs. Five mins to midnight the familiar beats of Primal Screams – Come Together started, and I knew then this was gonna be one of the best NYE I have had in a while. We also spent some time upstairs dancing to the Sonic Safari DJ’s who where playing some excellent tunes, many I have not heard before I liked to personally thank the Balearic Brothers for a fantastic night and sorting me out the tickets to the sold out event, top guys.

Some of the tunes that were played on the night.

Queen – another one bites the dust

Sl2 – dj’s take control

FPI Project – Risky

FPI Project -Everybody (all over the world)

FPI Project – Rich in paradise

Primal scream – Come Together

The Residents – Kaw liga

Bocca juniors – raise

Pigbag – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

Doobie Brothers – Long train running

2020 sound system – Your Love (a beefed up mix of Jamie Princple – Your Love)

Déjà vu – move your waist line

Gwen McCrea – All this love that I’m giving

Alison Limerick – Where love lives

Sister Sledge – Lost in music

Prince – 1999

The Clash – Rock the Casbah

The Balearic Brothers hold a monthly event at the Om Bar in Stien Street, Brighton, entry is Free check out their website for details on them and their up and coming events.

They also have an excellent free mix on their website that can be downloaded here.

All the best for 2009


  • wigid303
    02/01/2009 - 23:10 | Permalink

    Cheers Tim, on the download now! Sounds like u had a wicked night. Not surprised though tracklist defo has some of my faves on it.
    anyway happy new year m8 and keep on keeping on
    peace and stuff…

  • 06/01/2009 - 20:52 | Permalink

    Happy New year to you Wigid

  • 09/01/2009 - 14:29 | Permalink

    Greetings Tim.

    These guys know the score 100%, glad you had a great night on NYE…

    Thanks for leaving the message on our blog dude, loving yours, great read and listen.


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